The 411 on Maria Falzone's SEX RULES!

Maria Falzone's "Sex Rules!"; is the best of all worlds for students and universities: highly entertaining for the audience but loaded with all the information students need and we educators want them to have.

  • "Sex Rules! consistently draws 600 to 1,300 students each year.
  • Student ratings of the program over the eight years averaged 9.7 on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being best.
  • First year students come to this show in droves; so do men, and, of course, women.  The audience is ethnically diverse, and Maria's content is queer friendly.
  • Maria builds into her performance messages about body image and self-esteem—critical topics for young women.  Safe sex, alcohol, STDs, communication, relationships and personal responsibility are covered.
    Comedy works.  Students are attracted to the program because it's a comedy performance but they leave with the information we want them to have.
  • Maria is a professional, first-rate comedian: the audience falls out of their seats in laughter.  Nobody leaves the show early.   Maria has the confidence, comedic timing and ability to read her audience so that she can make the show fully interactive.
  • Maria is a programmer's dream:  she is accommodating, flexible, relatively inexpensive and fun to work with.

Quotes by: Robin L. Whitmore, Director, Women’s Resources and Research Center University of California, Davis

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